The following are comments volunteered by some of the participants from the SW GRADschool 2015,

I arrived like an anxiety ridden rabbit in the headlights and I leave this wonderful course like a positive, confidence, knowledge – filled giant! Thank you

f***ing awesome, excellently and lovingly crafted and delivered, transformational,  the power of multiple perspectives, cultures and disciplines

Fantastic, thank you!

Beautiful location, wonderful facilitators, insightful visions and great food! Thank you

A wonderfully uplifting experience finding the best in everyone and merging individuals on their ideas into something greater than the sum of the parts

Breath-taking event, so green and relaxing.  Very useful materials for me.  Thank you

Everyone should go to GRADSchool, it will make you a better researcher and a better human being

It was great, useful.  Never have this research training at home (Hong Kong).  It’s brilliant.  Thank you so much

Exceptionally transformative

Inspiring – Energising – Allowing to Reset! – Thanks!

A short precious pause … yet time to have some fun

Can I stay here for the rest of my life, even on my own – Amazing place

An inspirational workshop which provides you with fantastic opportunities for growth and development as a researcher

Great venue, great facilitators and amazing course

An unforgettable experience that definitely boosted my confidence as a researcher and not only.  Glad that I came here! Thanks guys amazing job

Very enjoyable training course, thank you for all

Beautiful surroundings, delicious food, inspirational company and a real kick up the backside.


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